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Being good
Note: Stuff in brackets [] was written on paper earlier. I didn't have a 'puter in front of me.

[So I'm sitting in the public library taking a break from my Quantum Chemistry homework that I'm sort'of kicking ass on. I've been here for about two hours. My back is starting to ache. I knew I couldn't study at home. My Netflix just came in but more importantly it was a RAGING INFERNO inside. Outside wasn't much better but at least there's a breeze. Now, I'm comfortably soaking in public air conditioning. Ah =D

There's a couple of high school guys in back of me doing their poerty assignments. One guy is doing it on Poe. Of course. When I had to do a simular one in HS, I did it on Samuel Taylor Coolridge. He's cool. He writes a lot of oceanic poetry. Non of the depressing "dark and stormy night" mumbo-jumbo.

Which reminds me, if you get a chance to see Poetry Slam, Do It! One of my greatest poetry experiences.

Let me fixate on my O.C. hw some more. I would have done this progressed along it better if the first problem wasn't so freakin' hard. The question is straight foward but actually deriving an answer is complicated. I still don't really have one. It asks for a value of a constant and all I can manage to come up with is some jibber-jabber with x's in it. Grrr.]

So I just finished watching the Triplets of Belleville. I thought I'd watch it 'cus it won an award for best song and there was talk on how good it was. This is a movie for the very open minded. I wanted to turn it off after a while because there is absolutly no diaologue. Just people doing stuff. Lots of back ground noises like trains and frogs. I'm sorta glad I stuck with it. It has a nice message at the end about love between a grandma and grandson. The music is great. After watching/listening, I want to get the soundtrack or just French music in general. Great language.

My tongue is on the fritz, too much candy at one time. =P

God? Fate? Is the world telling me something?
This week is kind'of a hectic week.

Monday: Genetics midterm
Tuesday: Quantum Chemistry HW due
Thursday: Quantum Chemistry Midterm
Weekend: Find something for Mom

So genetics went fine. I rocked that midterm.

The hw though....I looked at it Monday night. To say the least I didn't do it. So when class time comes on Tuesday he announces that we can turn in out HW on Thursday. Relief. He moved it because he didn't get to finish lecturing on the stuff so he's giving us extra time.

Then there's our midterm. He asked the class if they had another midterm that day, 90% of the class raised their hand. It turns out that two other chemistry classes are giving midterms on that exact same day. So what does my teacher do? He moves the midterm to next Tuesday!

So I'm thinking to myself, "This has gotta be a sign from..I dunno..God or something. I don't do my HW, no prob, turn it in later. I haven't even studied for the midterm, no prob, we'll move it so you have the entire weekend to study."

Overall, I'm going to take it as something that wants me to get off my ass and work to actually pass this class that I need for graduation. You would think that I learn but I don't. =T

"Today is the I've ever known"..ok not really
I woke up around 9 this morning, thinking I had a 10 am class. After 5 weeks ya' think I'd know my schedual. I'm special like that.

I didn't want to study or anything. I read for a bit then decided to take a nap. Got up around 11 to get ready for my 12 class, Genetics.

So this afternoon I had my Genetics midterm. I freakin' rock the thing. I feel so good about it. Crossing my fingers for an A. The last midterm was out of 65, I got a 48.5, the average was a 40. Not to bad =) I'm pretty confident that I did better on this one than the last midterm. I was a bit nervous at first because I forgot to bring a calculator. Luckily this awesome chick in front of me had an extra one. Thank you! There was only a few things that I was iffy on. First, since I had a negative interfearence, what exactly does that mean in realtion to Single cross over events? I put, it stimulated it. Looking through my notes didn't help. When we get our test back, or answer key, it will shed some light on this. Second, did I draw the fly phenotypes in Prophase I correctly? I couldn't get the question so I did my best. Third, that stupid bonus question. I totally blanked on how to do a chi-square analysis. Dummy =P

When I got back I still didn't have anything to do, plus it was really really hot. So I changed and read in my room where I laid under the ceiling fan. I fell asleep and took another nap. I woke up like 3 hours later and watched a movie. =P When I'm lazy, I'm a lazy ass with a mission.

Jeopardy was on. I love watching this game. It's one of the few tv shows I watch. I don't watch tv much. I like movies and the anime that I get from Netflix.


ASIDE: I'm kinda bumbed. Not to the piont where I wanna hang my head and mope. Just the kind where I wanna kick the dirt every now and then in quiet dejection. My friends Lorena and Emily, old co-workers, and I are going to Vegas at the end of the month for Emily's 21st birthday. It's been about a month since I've talked to any of them. I've called them and left messages but they don't call back. Have they forgotten me? Do they not care? Is it because I don't work with them (they don't go to college) and don't see them that they don't call me because really, what have we to talk about? =T I dunno what's happened to them. Yea I could call them again but my pride's a lil wounded. The balls in their court. They should call me. I've made the effort to contact them. Shouldn't I expect the same if they're my friends? blah


Edit: OMG Quantum Chemistry is so hard. I'm worried about this class. I have to pass. Why am I so tired?

I've just spent the last 6 and a half hours studying with my friend Angie for our Genetics midterm that's tomorrow. Ok maybe not the whole 6 hours. I was watching a movie while eating dinner for maybe two of them but I was constinctly thinking of genes and chromosomes.

I feel all prepared. =D I'm so proud of my self. I was talking to my sister yesterday and happened to mention that I had a midterm so my mom and sister sent me an e-card. I feel loved.

Ok, I'm going to treat myself to some anime.

ASIDE: Leah messaged me yesterday, or was is Friday...more on that in a later blog. I don't feel like writting a long one just now. =P

Computers and my decending IQ
So I was listening to the radio (NPR) yesterday and they were saying that checking e-mail and doing stuff on the computer an lower your IQ. It's supposed to distract you brain cells away or something. =T I can't sorta see how it could eat up your time and become addictive. When I'm bored there aren't enough blogs to satisfy me so I've changed my homepage to Google News.

I though this was funny. Star Wars Fans always are. Go Here

I'm bored, sorta, but I don't want to do anything. I have a midterm in genetics tomorrow so I should study. I'm also reading a book that I want to continue. I also rented movies the other day and I have two left. It's a beautiful day outside, all sunny and warm, which makes me want to feed some duckies or take a nap. Life's tough =P

You've gotta read this
I'm a big fan of the written word. There comes a time when you read something that is so well written and makes you stagger and catch your breath, you know you have to share it.

Recently discovered, Keith Olbermann's blog on MSNBC is a must read. He speaks with humanity and writes with passion. Read

Caffeen, Me, and NPR
I have a midterm in Genetics on Monday. I have the book in front of me, a piece of paper, and a problem staring right at me. I also have the live computer-radio broadcast of NPR (National Public Radio) which is KPCC 89.3 FM here. I love this station. They have the most interesting programming. They've got science segments, news and current events, music and entertainment, etc. etc. It's like an audio newspaper.

I'm so caught up in the programming that I can't seem to focus on the problems. I know, I know. The solution would be just to turn it off and study.

But I can't! It's too interesting and fun!

I've got a little bit of my Venti Starbucks coffee left. I'm starting to tweak from the caffeen. It's not too late so I can still get a few hours of studying in but yea...I'd rather listen or watch a movie. =P


EDIT: ok, now I'm listening to the BBC on NPR. I'm not a fan of British accents. I have a pet-peeve on the way a person talks. I hate with a passion how kids and even people my age, and some prominent adults (which really ticks me off) talk in a way where every sentence sounds like a question. It's like nails on a chalkboard to me. It gives me goosebumps. Ug

[I'm still awake, it's just a bit after 12. I'm eating a donut now. Good news though, I've started doing problems]

Presidential News Conference
The President spoke today about two issues: the rising price of gasoline, and the growing problems of Social Security.

His remarks were well organized and I understood the points he was trying to make, although I disagree with some of them. I was plesently suprised about the questions that the media asked of him. They didn't stick to oil and social security. There were questions about Russia's Vladimir Putin, Iraq, North Korea, education, proposed energy bill etc.

I coundn't fully pay attention to him when he would answer a question. He would first tell a short story then hedge around the question and sort-of give an answer, sort-of not. Someone asked if he would consider it a success for Congress to pass legislation to solve the long term problems of Social Security without including private accounts. It was a simple question. A yes or no would do. He goes on talking about how he believes strongly in private accounts and never answers the question.

I can't watch his face either. He starts off answering a question real slow but then once he get a great idea he has a face that conveys childish glee. A "Look what I've done Ma!" look. I'm going to nickname him Skippy. They should get him to do peanut butter commercials.

My roommate likes the...stupidest shows. She watching I Love Lucy. It's the most annoying show. It's only a half hour but there are two back-to-back episodes on everyday. She also watches The Fresh Prince of Bell Air and The People's Court.

Ok I gotta go drown out the tv with some Audioslave and a book.


EDIT: ok now they're watching Home Improvement. Help me!

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